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School Overview  
Camden-Rockport Elementary School
District Name: RSU 28/MSAD 28
Principal: Janet Anderson
Phone: (207) 236-7807
Address: 11 Children's Way,
Rockport, ME 04856

School Web Site

Grades Served: K - 4
October 2015-16 Enrollment: 370
ESEA Reporting Status 2014-15 Monitoring

RSU 28/MSAD 28
Camden-Rockport Elementary School
Student Achievement
Measure Target Status


Measure Goal Status

% of Teacher with Masters Degree or Higher (Staff-2015-16): 28.1 N/A
FTE Count of Teachers (Staff-2015-16): 40.0 N/A  
FTE Count of Administrators (Staff-2015-16): 2.0 N/A  
Non-Academic Measures
Measure Target Status

Student Attendance Rate (Attendance-2015-16): 94.2 90
Measure Budget State Avg.

Per Pupil Expenditures:

Regular Instruction: N/A 5,127  
Special Education: N/A 1,953  
School Administration: N/A 666  
Debt Service: N/A 756  
Facilities: N/A 1,409  
* Total for all measures(Not just those above): N/A 12,551  

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